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A Sassy Sort of Rogue

and yet I'm channeling Ophelia

6/29/09 09:46 pm - Writer's Block: Childhood Firsts

Writer's Block: What was your first word?

This is one of those odd situations where I remember my mother telling me this story, I remember it vividly, yet the next time I spoke to her about it, she acted like it was a new story to her. Well, obviously I don't remember it, so if I think this is the truth, then she must have told me at some point. I would swear up and down that it is the truth that my first word was my brother's name. It makes some sense, his name is relatively easy syllables, OOO-EEEEE, and I did adore him as a child, and he was an attentive brother. Supposedly his favorite pastime when I was an infant was jumping back and forth over my cradle (much to my mothers dismay), and one of my most hated memories is when we came home from a car dealership and I was very happy with a balloon until I got too close to our garden roses, and it popped. I began wailing, which got him started and I stopped crying because I didn't want him to be upset. I still can't think of that without getting all mumblybottomed inside and I want to give little us a hug.

I also know that I had my own intricate language long before I could speak (well I guess Timber would argue that I still do). I played with my fingers like dolls, I would bob one little finger up and down at the other and make conversation sounds, using a different voice for each one. But when I chose to use some English, I swear I began with Louie.

4/28/09 10:20 am

I wrote something and then changed my mind and deleted!  Have fun with that!

My allergies for the spring are starting. I have eye strain at work. Waah.

4/15/09 03:34 pm



But in "the best thing ever" news: DINOSAUR THEMED WEDDING SHOWER FTW

3/6/09 02:48 pm

Casein knitting needles are made from milk proteins. This somehow makes them taste disgusting in your mouth. Like, really really nasty.

3/4/09 07:22 pm


knitting constantly
at the gym all the time
hardcore craziness
wedding planning?
soul sucking job that maybe I guiltily like
eight pound weights
wool cotton blends
double pointed needles
slip on chucks
british television
facebook status updates
freeform poetry

12/21/08 06:48 pm

I may not get a chance later... so here are the awesome things about my year.

I have a graduate degree!
That got me a job!
Where I am paid the highest I can be in the salary window because of said degree!
With good insurance!

I am getting married!
To a great guy!
At a beautiful place!
With amazing food!
and thus far two beautiful bridesmaids!

I have wonderful friends!
Who not me hilarious/wonderful gifts!
And keep me from ever being bored!

I've learned a lot this year too...I've learned how to knit simply, and intend on learning more. I've read a lot, including several readers advisory guides so that I am broadening my horizons and can  recommend more different types and sorts of books. I've learned a completely new job with  those skill sets, and gotten used to office life.

I think I'm doing pretty well, and I'm happy.

11/17/08 07:10 am


I hate the 'between books' awkward lull period. A closed book is scary. I want to KNOW if it''s good or not.
In wedding news, looks like we  will definitely be having the ceremony in the garden instead of the church, thanks to the catholic church in general alienating my family and being jerkstores. Oh well!  The garden is beautiful, I adore the fence and gazebo (eff you gazebo, I'm not facing you alone, Tim'll be there) and I can have non-religious music. I also like what they have set up  for bride and groom getting ready, and the ease of picture taking. I don't particularly like the indoors option, it's awkward and in this odd foyer where cocktail hour is. I think a 1  pm ceremony would be finished before a likely late-July summer  shower,  but even if it wasn't I would so rather us all have umbrellas and just play in the rain.

I love rain.

11/13/08 07:56 am

Waking up at 6 am everyday is totally not working out for me. At work, tea is free but coffee costs a quarter. No idea why. I was horrified a few mornings ago to get an email from the vice chancellor discussing how my department is going to be moving in July, making me upset since I partially chose this job for the awesome commute, until I googlemapp'd the new location and it is a half a block up on the same street, marginally more  convenient for me, and closer to the pizza place I sometimes like to lunch at.

Today I think I will brave the rain  and mess to go to the library during lunch. I need to stop getting week DVDs from the library, as I never watch them. I need three weeks, y'all! They just end up on  my Netflix list,  no matter  how much I  say I don't want to waste a Netflix on 'Made of Honor".
I tend to read at lunch because by the  time I get home at night, I just want to watch TV and knit and play computer games, not read. The final Book of Ember was good.

I don't know yet if I like my job.

11/4/08 10:05 pm

First real day of new job today.
I enjoy stalking people on the internet,  so this should work out okay.

10/7/08 09:12 am

Kennywood Frite Nite was kind of awesome. Roller Coasters at 1 am = coolness. Dude who banged a trash can behind people to scare them = coolness. Roller coasters in  the dark  are fun because you literally can't see two feet ahead of yourself and therefore have no idea when the ride will actually drop. You can't prepare.

Work is odd right now because a movie is being filmed in our boiler room. No, I don't know why they wanted to spend two weeks in a library boiler room rather than build a set. I DO know that an old lady cursed me out on  the phone because she couldn't find parking. Carrie Fisher is in  the movie, and I want to meet her desperately. Not so much Rumer Willis or Audrina Partridge. The one good thing is that work is kind of slow because no one can park and I need to break.

I'm  sure I could read at a better pace if I actually focused on it.
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